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Friday, February 02, 2007

A Note From My Friend That Was Sent In Lent

Hello, my name is Sir William of Moscow. I was born into a family unit and originally trained to be someone who could do, and definitely did, impressions of famous people. But soon, through lack of a dictionary, I switched to being an impresario. My life has been a circus ever since.

Not literally of course, although I did, as a transient, take Barnum’s Shilling once or thrice. I juggled, on stage and off, but soon got very tired of elephant shit, bearded ladies and John Henry Barnum himself – which led me to my next adventure.

When I took the time to look over my diaries, written at the time and timeabouts of that next adventure, they filled me with pleasure, excitement, wonder, obsession, orgasm, chill and thrill; but unfortunately I shortly afterwards dropped them at a fireworks display, right next to a bonfire, and they were stolen by a thief.

I categorically and clinically cannot remember a single event or detail from the time period that those diaries covered, so the whole of the previous paragraph is a big letdown.

But what of the next set of adventures I went on to sit on and achieve? Well, you’ll just have to wait for my next instalment. I know I will. Will you? Will you wait? Please do wait now, won’t you? I know I will.


Willie Moscow.


Blogger nutgroist said...

im waited with baited tenterhooks

9:11 pm  

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