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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

#Will I still love the moooornin'?#

Listen to that bass-playing…unbelievable. Blunt as a rubber bat and shaking the foundations of the hut like a killer whale practising gymnastics under a flimsy raft. The best I’ve ever heard. Hooks up with the drums like a velcro metronome. With a back-line like that anyone could play the slut on Percy's Pipes or The Hendrix Hammer – and get away with it too to boot. Fuck me, when I cross that dark border ‘twixt life and deceased I want this shit rockin’ the cask.

If you would like to feel this enthusiastic about any piece of music, so long as it has a rhythm with accompanying bass-line, get stoned.


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Blogger Friar Cous Cous said...

One day spam will be considered art, and our tirelessly ineffective retorts to these invisible heckles will be like a sneeze at the opera.

10:29 pm  
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