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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Kids learn fast, but even aye was surprised by this old paddy-whack ditty that came from a newborn's mouth in a hospital that to this day remains unnamed:-

This old man,
He played you,
He played you at a
Game of pool
With a nick-nack
Give my voice some tone:
This old World is
Fucking doomed.

So depressing/song.


Blogger Birdman said...

This old man
He played dead
He played bass with Right Said Fred
NickNack Stallybrass
Gave the sod a bone
Now he's changed his name to Joan.

9:49 pm  
Blogger Dolby said...

This old man,
got Gastrointestinal,
When he played bitch to Georgie Michael,
NickNack ill and die,
dog will likely get it,
i've seen blood in his stool.

“Ah yes, my daughter Lashonda……We keep her trim, give her chondroiton sulfate pills every day, take her walking, and swimming once a week.

We give her Ascriptin on days she plays particularly hard with her friends. And she shows no clinical signs of arthritis now at four years old, despite her awful-looking X-rays.”

2:52 am  
Blogger Dolby said...

our boy Jonesey, he played nick-nack for many years with his 'uncle' Graham. However, bowel cancer finally caught up with him 2 years ago. He shit marrows.

11:02 pm  

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