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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gay Suicide Bummer

I had to make myself overhear this dandy conversation in one of the London's streets just when fear of suicides was at its height. I can't remember what year it was, but I've got a feeling it was 2005:

What do you want with me?

I have no wants, only needs.

Then what do you need from me?

From you? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

Then why have you approached me?

Why have I approached you? Well, I hardly know myself, but going by my past record, only as a foreplay to your destruction.

Then get on with it!

If only I knew how, I would. But you seem to not want to be destroyed, and so you have defences.

Which can be turned to the attack!

Yes, I see. Well then I’ll have to go back to my drawing, bored.

And don’t you ever come back here again, with your dark ways you’re!

This wise parlance saved several severals of lives, but was subsequently prosecuted under the 1939 Act of U B Nice. It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that I am writing this naked, save for a fellating organism to drink my blushes.



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