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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Welcome to the 'new look' Friar Cous Cous Sight.

Well, it was about time for a change, and as Yukon Sea, there has been a touch of the broombrush and changeling stick given sent to this piece of web. In the end I decided to keep the background theme, which reminds me of pooh, and generally not tidy up any of the links and sidebars. In addition, I felt it necessary to refrain from tinkering with the header section of this presentation, instead opting to retain the services of the one that was staying here already. When push comes to shove, and I know that sometimes it doesn't, what went through my changing of things was, to coin the currency of faec, my strap-line, or, if you feel like it, my slogus of introseduction. And in changing that, I inflicted a single-sentence deterioration of all things introfunktory, though it's better to have it fresh, rather than a nice old line going horse's collar around the gash. Anyway, see what you think.


Blogger Sal said...

a triumph. truly a triumph.

4:18 pm  

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