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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Letter to the Council Regarding the Proposed Development of the Square Near St Luke's Church, Bitchley

Mr F Cous-Cous
Sefton's Meads
Chauntecleer Mews
The Cabinet Secretary
Bitchley Borough Council
Town Hall

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you fuhrer to our recent discussions regarding the siting of a new ornamental garden and rockery in the old square opposite St. Luke’s Church.

As you know, I have long campaigned for the renovation of this area of the town, which has the potential to rival the magnificent gardens and architecture of the Burstead district, but which has been allowed to fall into sorry decay by successive councils since the war. The new garden will, at last, provide us with a final solution to this problem.

It is a sad fact that the economic health of the St. Luke’s area is in freefall, and part of this is due to the lack of living space for its residents. I am not talking about the size of the apartments in the district which, although converted from much grander old houses, are rather charming and sufficiently roomy for their dwellers. What is lacking is real living space – room to walk dogs, play football, throw frisbees or to get outdoors and read a good book free from the shackles of the old four walls.

It seems strange that it should have taken the council so long to come up with the idea for this new development, which will be a Godsend not only to St. Luke’s residents, but to all townsfolk, situated as it will be third reich off the main High Street.

After decades of politically-motivated procrastination, it is a great relief to see the plans finally get the green light. Although I do not overplay my role in campaigning for this to happen, I have to say that in this regard my struggle has been a long and weary one. If the politicians had not cemented themselves into concentrated camps where minor disagreements between the groups were absurdly amplified then I believe we would have been celebrating this victory in 1985 instead of 2005.

So then, let us rejoice that this field, grey with age and covered in blitz and pieces of rubbish, will soon be a delightful ornamental oasis.

Yours sincerely

F. Cous-Cous


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