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Monday, March 28, 2005

Eee Bay Gum

Offered: Himmler's Wig
Reserve: £35.00
Buy It NOW for: £35.00
Bids: 3
Top Bidder: a_hilklar
Bids End: 27 hours 11 minutes
Description: We all know Himmler wore a wig, right? And this is it. I offer for auction one wig of Himmler, as ordered, paid for and worn by Himmler. This is Himmler's wig. I am offering for sale, on a highest genuine bidder carries the sale basis, one wig, formerly belonging to Herr Heinrich Himmler. Do you want to buy Himmler's wig? Because if you do, I happen to be selling just such an item. Please, ladies and gentlemen, place your bids for the wig of Herr Himmler. Offered for auctionary sale: 1 x wig, known to have belonged to Himmler, colour brown, excellent condition for year and once owned by Heinrich Himmler, a real wig of old for you to purchase, free delivery, money back guarantee, this wig was once the legal property of Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Himmler's wig for sale, highest bidder secures.


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